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Thank you for visiting our website!     Let Cygnus help you gain financial clarity and independence by establishing your own individual startup company which includes business credit lines and on-going business consulting. Our team has over 40 years experience of helping entrepreneurs meet and exceed their financial success. Give us a call today at 901-641-3266 for a free consultation.


This service is utilized for small startup companies. This includes your Limited Liability Corporation (LLC.), Federal I.D. #, Local and State License, Dunn & Bradstreet, Quickbooks, CRM system, Professional Business Emails, Website Development, Credit Awareness, Trademarks, Logos, establishing Business Credit Lines, and on-going Business Consulting for your complete success. All information is 100% confidential. 


Cygnus will remove and suppress all negative online content including mug shots, negative review, unwanted photos and videos, legal information, defamatory content and bad publicity on websites and social media accounts.

Free consultation.

No debit or credit card required upfront.

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